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League of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions

League of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions

The League of Fire is the original league table-based website and community dedicated to chilli-eating enthusiasts from all over the world. The LOF team painstakingly tallies an elaborate and detailed ranking system where point values are allocated to competitors when they successfully complete league certified challenges, bringing together a community of literal fire-eaters from all around the globe to push their heat tolerance, stamina, and intestinal fortitude.

Based out of the UK, two chileheads, Matt Tangent and Paul Ouro came up with a way to put a spotlight on the competitive eaters and the hyper challenge minded, it was their way to showcase these achievements and bring a community together with friendly competition and sharing an extreme passion for consuming ultra hot food and chilli peppers. This vision paired with their first belt match on July 21st, 2019, launched the League of Fire into what it is today.

Currently there are four championship belts being held worldwide; the Oceana Belt held by Gabby Del Castillo from Australia, the European Belt held by Giancarlo Gasparotto from Italy, the Americas Belt held by Kris Fragile from the US, and the World Chilli Eating Championship Belt held by Mike Jack from Canada. Mike is the all-time points leader and two-time Americas Regional Belt Championship, along with being the reigning Extreme Chilli Alliance World Champion. Mike also holds several Guinness World Records for speed-eating, many of which are for super-hot chilli peppers.