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Another Revenue Generator for Restaurants

Many small restaurants struggle on a daily basis to make money and turn a profit, whether it’s local competition, surrounded by the big national chains or just costing out their dishes properly. Restaurants are after all a business and like any business, profitability is key to their overall success. If you’ve taken a look at the trends in the restaurant industry and honestly many aspects of the food industry as a whole, spicy, and hot sauce are extremely popular right now, you can say… They are HOT. One option we here at Hot Shots Distributing can provide is a wide variety of craft artisan hot sauces for a restaurant to purchase wholesale that they can not only offer their customer base to utilize while dining, but to resell as well. From high end gourmet to political satire, to novelty and everything in between. Hot Shots offers a (1) one case minimum, (12) twelve bottles that can be mixed and matched. Meaning that restaurant owners do not have to buy into large quantities of any one sauce, this reduces overhead/backstock and the owner can adjust easily to what sells best at their location and/or dial in specifics on multiple locations. The advantage of being able to customize an order to fit the exact needs of their individual business to help reduce operating costs and provide another revenue stream and that is definitely HOT!

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