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Chile Pepper Fun Fact - 7-Pot Peppers from Trinidad

The 7-Pot is from Trinidad, and there are a few different versions, including the Yellow 7-Pot, the 7-Pot Jonah, and the Chocolate, or 7-Pot Douglah. It is related to the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper and has rough, pimpled skin, but is more plump, with a ribbed texture and a more fruity flavor. Its name refers to the saying that it is hot enough to spice 7 pots of stew. In Trinidad, it is used in military grade tear gas and marine paint, which prevents barnacles. 

The heat of the 7-Pot pepper is similar to the Bhut Jolokia but with a fruitier and nuttier flavor, like other Caribbean peppers. It is becoming more popular and well-known among Chileheads.

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